102 Sweet Dreams (Meridian Fingering)


102 Sweet Dreams:

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102 Sweet Dreams: Sate your need for a true red yarn with this luscious colorway, perfect for pairing with deep greys or blues for colorwork. Agent Carter's lipstick will have you swooning for this yarn

Meridian Yarn Base:   This 100% mulberry silk has an unearthly sheen and amazing drape, making it perfect for projects both elegant and warm. Every color available will take on new life in this ultra-luxurious fiber, and every project will be special Рwhether for you or as a gift.


Silk is a very special yarn. Please consider hand winding, or using a paper core on your ball winder to provide support.


This is small-batch, hand dyed yarn. Skeins of one dye lot were dyed together, but will have natural variations. I recommend alternating skeins if you are making a project that takes more than one skein of yarn. Colors on your monitor may or may not accurately portray the yarn color, since individual monitors may display color differently from Real Life. Up to 4 skeins in any one dye lot.


I highly recommend hand washing your finished project in cool water and then laying flat to dry. As thorough as I am with rinsing, some color can escape for the first wash or two. Wash alone, or at least with like colors.

Home Environment:

This yarn is from a smoke-free home, but I do have pets. A random cat or dog hair may accompany your yarn, although I try to prevent it.

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 10 × 2 × 2 in