A Major Award Winter Wonderland MKAL kit


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 A Major Award (Christmas Story):Buttercup/Sunday Brunch/Amber Waves/Rare Vintage

Hey, if this yarn kit is at the top of your Christmas list, at least these colors won’t shoot your eye out (and are unlikely to end up buried in the yard). 

Buttercup: It feels right that the most beautiful woman in one hundred years has an equally beautiful color named after her. A light but intense yellow, Buttercup hits the spot right between golden and pastel yellow, making it easy to use either on its own or as part of colorwork. 

Sunday Brunch: Eggs, pineapple mimosas, the perfectly light golden-brown of a waffle: Sunday Brunch is the color of all of your favorite things. A mid-range yellow-gold, Sunday Brunch fits neatly between Buttercup and Amber Waves, making it the ideal warm tone for either a summer or fall based project. 

Amber Waves: This color distills the nostalgic half-memory of sunset over gently wind-blown rolling fields into something you can hold in your hands.

Rare Vintage: The rich red of a properly aged bordeaux, Rare Vintage is a celebratory color, originally created for Holiday 2019. Paired with O Tannenbaum, it’s as Christmas-y as you’d like, through, like many wines, it can be savored on its own as well. 

Opulence Yarn Base: The ultimate in decadence, this 70% Merino/20% Silk/10% Cashmere yarn has a moderate twist and a subtle sheen, making it perfect for everything from the most comfortable socks you’ll ever put on your feet to that luxurious lace shawl you’ve been wanting to knit. 437 yards per 100 gram skein. 



This is small-batch, hand dyed yarn. Skeins of one dye lot were dyed together, but will have natural variations. I recommend alternating skeins if you are making a project that takes more than one skein of yarn.  Colors on your monitor may or may not accurately portray the yarn color, since individual monitors may display color differently from Real Life.  Up to 4 skeins in any one dye lot. 


I highly recommend hand washing your finished project in cool water and then laying flat to dry. As thorough as I am with rinsing, some color can escape for the first wash or two. Wash alone, or at least with like colors. 

Home Environment:

This yarn is from a smoke-free home, but I do have pets. A random cat or dog hair may accompany your yarn, although I try to prevent it.

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 2 in